Current Initiatives

Mental Health & Wellness

Student mental health and wellness are of the utmost importance to this university. ECU can only thrive and excel when its students are happy, healthy, and supported. Although the university offers several options for counseling and mental healthcare, we believe ECU must begin to offer substantive policy changes to deliver for students and address the source of the issue. Simply raising awareness is no longer enough; our administration is pushing for action to directly improve student experiences.

  • Advocating for Wellness Days
  • Providing menstrual and hygiene products
  • Combating Food insecurity (swipe out hunger)
  • Promoting access to campus resources

Campus Safety

Every student is entitled to a safe campus and community that surrounds them. No Pirate should have to fear for their safety, especially at a university that they pay to attend. We are continuing many of the previous administration’s initiatives, as well as promoting new ideas to further improve our campus. Within Student Government, President Limon has sponsored several pieces of legislation that address student safety, such as the Good Samaritan Expansion Resolution.

  • Providing drink spike testing kits
  • Fixing campus safety blue lights
  • Identifying safety concerns with Night Walks
  • Lighting up campus pathways


Belonging is incredibly important across our entire campus. It is only when we include voices of all backgrounds and beliefs that we can truly serve the needs of the entire student body. Fair representation is important and it is why the Limon-Blount administration will work to empower every student to not just seek a seat at the table, but to have a stake in every decision made.

  • Talking directly with student organizations
  • Recruiting an SGA assembly that is representative of the student body
  • Launching a scholarship to pay for student internships


Transparency is essential when choosing to lead and serve any group of individuals. It ensures trust and good-faith discussions on improvement between leaders and those impacted by their decisions. Our administration is working to disseminate information about the work of Student Government, as well as encourage greater transparency between university administration, faculty, and students.

  • Sending Presidential monthly memos
  • Representing student perspectives on the Board of Trustees
  • Speaking directly to students about their concerns
  • Achieving a fairer and more transparent grading system