The Student Government Association provides funding each year to registered student organizations. This funding is provided for specific needs, such as travel, purchasing supplies, or hosting events. There are four main parts to the appropriations process.

  1. Attend a funding workshop
    All treasurers of organizations interested in SGA funding should attend a funding workshop. A funding workshop is offered as part of the Workshop Carousel on Sunday, August 21, but others are offered throughout the school year.
  2. Submit a request on the The Pirate Experience
    Organizations requesting funding must submit a detailed budget request on The Pirate Experience. The form is accessible to organizations that have attended a funding workshop.
  3. Attend an appropriations hearing
    The Student Body Treasurer will review the request and if the items requested are allowed within SGA and university rules, and the request is complete, a meeting will be set with the SGA Finance and Appropriations Committee. At this hearing, the organization can explain in detail the purpose of the funding and how it will impact the organization and the university.
  4. Meet with the SGA financial advisor
    If the Finance and Appropriations Committee approves the request for funds, the organization will meet with the SGA Financial Advisor to finalize the request and purchase the items needed or book any travel.

For full rules of the SGA Appropriations Process, plan to attend an SGA Funding Workshop. For other questions, please contact the Student Body Treasurer at